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Omnipresence featured in Parvas Magazine

A heart full of gratitude to Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Ludhiana (GGNKC) for featuring my painting “Omnipresence” on their front cover. The article, written in eloquent Punjabi by Dr. Tejinder Kaur of GGNKC, can be found on pages 6-8 of the magazine linked here. The gist of this has been translated in English below: […]

Mantra Art Workshop at Ditton Park Academy, UK

What a delight visiting Ditton Park Academy, a mixed, mainstream secondary school located in Slough, Berkshire. The workshop was aimed at sixth form students taking Art for their ‘A’ levels. The students had a chance to flip through my book first – Mantra Art: The Journey Within, released Oct 16 – and note down any […]

The Master’s Presence Exhibition

The words ‘Khalsa’ and the true ‘Spirit of a Sikh’ come to mind after having had the privilege and honour of meeting Ravi Singh in Ottawa at the “My Master’s Presence” Exhibition. What a courageous, joyful, charming hilarious and down to earth person he is, with the largesse of his spirit shining through. His enthusiasm […]

Faith in Canada 150

TELLING THE STORY OF 150 YEARS OF FAITH IN CANADA THREAD OF 1000 STORIES The first purpose of the Thread is to let Canadians link to the stories of faith in their lives. It’s to give us all space to set down our stories and place them, like outward spiralling mosaic tiles, side-­by-­side. Its deeper role […]

Art and The Divine

This weekend our Convivium team is hosting artist Juss Rani Kaur, transforming our office into a showcase for her “Reflective Mantra Art Series” as part of Sikh Heritage Month. Publisher Peter Stockland reports on Kaur’s story and her connection to the Divine. April 19, 2017      5 minute read        Topics: Arts, Cultural Renewal, Faith PETER […]

Women’s Educational Panel

WHEN: April 21, 2017 TIME: 11:40 am – 1:10 pm SPEAKERS: Rina Chawla, Rajwant Gill,  Dr. Juss Kaur, Devinder Kaur (TBD), Jasvir Kaur Mary Wollstonecraft, founder of feminism, a philosopher, travel writer, human rights activist,  was a profound influence on the Romantics, and an educational pioneer. In Virginia Woolf’s words, “we hear her voice and […]

Meditative Art

MEDITATIVE ART Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. – Thomas Merton Meditative Art, or Reflective Mantra Art as I like to call it,  has traditionally been a natural and integral part of spiritual paths worldwide; it is not a modern new-age concept. Some well-known examples of meditative art from the east are: […]

Guru Hargobind Ji – My Master’s Presence

Motivation behind the painting: The Master’s Presence Up until now I had been of the thought that our only guru is shabad guru and had been evasive of any pictures of gurus, simply because I was taught to focus on the word – waheguru . Recently I became aware of the importance and value of the ‘seen’ before the “unseen”. We […]

Exhibition: The Master’s Presence

~ Greetings and Blessings Everyone~ I am very excited to invite you to my annual fund-raising art exhibition – to be held this year at Cardus in Ottawa to celebrate Sikh Heritage Month Ottawa & Faith In Canada 150 THE MASTER’S PRESENCE An Art Exhibition of new works by Dr. Juss Kaur  – featuring original inspirational paintings that aspire not […]