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Food Consciousness 5: Orange

Limited Edition Signed Print

Available in size: 8″ x 8″
Medium: Oil pastels and archival ink

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The fascination with the beautiful patterns found all around us, especially food for the moment, continues. What a joyful discovery!

As one observes the intricate sacred geometry of food and nature, it becomes a form of meditation; one that leads to what seems like an ever-evolving inner sense of realization. Without any words, an internal understanding of the ever-present Presence begins to sprout.

The feeling of Oneness, that there is nothing else except this invisible, ever- powerful flowing of vibrational energy that permeates everything; the only force governing everyone and everything.

However, this feeling is extremely fleeting, momentary and transitory; within seconds, one gets back to duality as the Mind takes over.

If only we could remain in the spiritual consciousness of the eternal consciousness where nothing matters – where we are aware that WE are NOT in control.

Is it then possible then that food could not have any power over us?

The Waheguru (vwihgurU) mantra written all over the paintings in these series are a testimonial to that very omnipresence.