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Light as a Feather

Limited Edition Signed Print

Available in size: 11 x 14″
Medium: Oil and archived ink
Year: 2021

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Flexible yet Strong
Float Boldly but Lightly
Relax, Abandon Control
Take the Leap
Have faith
Like a parachute
The Wings will appear

Let go of Fears
Listen to the Whispers of the Heart
And the Wisdom they Impart
Put on the Security belt of Trust

Let the wind take you
where you need to be
Flow with the currents of
Love and Grace
Have a glorious flight

– Juss Kaur

Feathers bring joy to my heart.
They ground me as I contemplate the Creator and the Creation. Since their appearance more than 150 million years ago, feather shafts have evolved to be some of the lightest and strongest natural structures. As strong as steel the plume can still bend and twist to cope with the stresses of flight while remaining light as a feather.