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The Rose

Limited Edition Signed Print

Available in size: 21.5″ x 17″

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The rose is considered to be a queen of garden of the soul. She champions our senses with her voluptuous beauty and heady fragrance. A single red rose, symbolizes the mystic centre.

Inspired by the above poem, this pastel and pen painting reflects on the power of the word Waheguru, – ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ – pronounced “Wah-hay-guroo”. Wah means Infinite, hay means Thou, and Guru means Higher Self, or the Divine Teacher within each sentient being. As one cultivates a mantra, the mystic centre reveals itself. The thorns remind us that it is sometimes necessary to put up a defense system in order to protect the fragility and fragrance of our soul.

This is the mantra which has been lovingly handwritten minutely in the painting to portray the omnipresent Divine energy.