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Unfolding Consciousness

Limited Edition Signed Print

Available in size: 16″ x 16″
Medium: Oil pastels and archival ink
Year: 2022

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Kindness is giving others happiness
Compassion is removing others’ bitterness
Joy is freeing others from suffering

– Buddha

I love looking at round staircases from the top; they remind me of a snail’s shell. This pattern is emulated in many things in nature.

The overall human consciousness is an ever-deepening and expanding process with no end point, unfolding constantly in a progressively upward spiral.

How extraordinary to be afloat in this cosmic sea of consciousness as we open ourselves to a deeper, subtler ground of awareness by pools of stillness, depth or wonder, in moments of worship? The content of our consciousness keeps changing towards the deeper, softer and plainer sense of being within our core. As we continuously seek resonance with our Inner Self, a larger field of consciousness is revealed by that presence at the subtlest level when we become attuned to it, during periods of inner stillness.

However, just like we cannot ‘see’ a leaf unfolding or a baby growing yet, we witness the phenomena we cannot ‘see’ but can become aware of an expansion of our state of consciousness – intellectual, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.