Mantra Art: The Journey Within

An inspirational collection of unique meditative artworks created with thousands of handwritten mantra aimed at encouraging personal reflections and provoking inner creativity.

Vibrant and thought-provoking, Mantra Art harnesses the power of creativity to encourage a personal inner journey towards understanding one’s own divine nature. Each meditative painting is imbued with thousands of miniscule, handwritten mantra inspired by the Sikh concept of Oneness – a universal approach to life that is mindful of the Divine presence in everything and everyone, and thus recognises all people as one.

Accompanying the images are insights from the artist illuminating how each artwork was instrumental in aiding her own personal and powerful experiences of exuberance, peace and self-healing.

Book Reviews

I first saw Juss Rani Kaur’s art at the Parliament of World Religions, Toronto in 2018. I was incredibly moved and inspired by her art and the warmth of her presence. The art in this book is stunning, each piece an incredible manifestation of hope, contemplation and beauty. Alongside her art is her story–how she came to be an artist, what inspired her, and so much more. Her purity of intention and motivation as an artist and her devotion to the sacred is inspiring.

Mantra Art by Juss Kaur will take you on a spiritual journey through her life. Through her collection of spectacular printed images which incorporate the mantra of the “Divine teacher within” you will understand the concept of being mindful of the Divine presence in your life. I highly recommend this book for all ages for a powerful guidance towards finding inner peace.

This is a beautiful book. Juss Rani Kaur writes from the heart and tells about her journey into spirituality and the mantra art creations that beautifully illuminate the book. A must have back to look at again and again!

If you love Juss Kaur’s art and can’t decide which one to buy, this is a wonderful way to see them all up close. I absolutely love this book. I resonated so much with the personal stories. I can just keep reading, staring and absorbing each Waheguru for hours. What a wonderful way to meditate! Each time I look at an image, something more is revealed to me. I love how Juss Kaur explains the meaning and signifance of each piece. I would highly recommend it.