Bhai Vir Singh Ji

“This silent poet makes the rivers cry and sets the hills on fire by touch of his emotion. He remains behind the scenes, invisible, with his flute ringing in the loneliness of a dark midnight. His touch alone can make a poet. I have seen unlettered men and women glowing with poetry when sitting near him. I wander around his rooms, sit here and stand there, do nothing, think nothing, just wonder, admire and take tea with him, or enjoy a morning meal in his company, gaze at him as he bathes, as he eats and talks, as he listens to the conversation of those around him, and when I come away I invariably find myself full of a divine love.

After seeing him I find myself a beautiful thing worthy of my own homage and love and admiration. I feel like worshipping myself. I find myself intensely creative and when he thinks of me ardently I am inspired with a new passion of life.”

— Prof Puran Singh talking about Bhai Vir Singh Ji

Sketch made using pen and pencil on paper