Montreal Art Centre exhibition: Practicing The Presence

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Successful Practicing the Presence (Mantra Art) exhibition by Dr. Juss Kaur in Montreal


Practicing the Presence (Mantra Art) exhibition by Dr Juss Kaur was opened at the beautiful Montreal Art Center in Griffintown, last Friday (Sept 5). Dr. Gaetan Barrette performed the opening ceremony, the Quebec Health & Social Minister who stressed the importance of events such as this for bringing cultural awareness and the important cause this exhibition was supporting. He said:”And you might have heard in the news, in our own province because as you all know we are facing difficult times in terms of public finances and I hope that we will improve things and I am quite sure that we will but we need maximum solidarity between all of us and Doctors Without Borders is the very essence of that so I am quite happy to officially open the exhibition and I encourage you to buy and donate in this exhibition which is quite impressive to me and it’s a very interesting demonstration of different cultures can come together not only in society but also in art and that’s what is happening today and as I said to Dr. Kaur when I came in, ‘Tonight I will learn something from you.’ So it’s an exciting night and I am happy to be here and please I encourage you to go for it and donate and participate. It’s a good cause and you are much more important than myself in that. Thank you very much for inviting me and having me here.”All profits are to be donated to the charity Doctors Without Borders. One of the purposes of art is to stir feelings of emotion and thoughtfulness and self reflection. Dr. Kaur’s extremely unique Reflective and Meditative Art series took all those who attended on a journey within that brought genuine emotion to surface. The powerful meditative energy generated by the mantra encompassed in each image draws on the carefully hand written “Waheguru’s”. Professor Kalman, from Concordia University wrote the following comment ” Inspiring. I feel the breath of the universe moving through me as I view your wonderful work”. Alex Robichaud for the Mtl Blog wrote that ” The artwork seen shows great precision and insight. With each piece having up to 20,000 hand written mantras, Juss has taken us on a journey into her experience of silence and solitude brought to her through her practices. Providing us with the peace and joy her piece’s promised, we left this exhibit feeling definite inspiration and anticipation for what we will see next.” The exhibition continued until Sept 11 (10-5pm) at 1844 William Street (corner Seigneurs). Experience the joy and support the cause. You can also visit www. to order online and for more information.

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The pictures of the vernissage tell a story!!