The Master’s Presence Exhibition

The words ‘Khalsa’ and the true ‘Spirit of a Sikh’ come to mind after having had the privilege and honour of meeting Ravi Singh in Ottawa at the “My Master’s Presence” Exhibition. What a courageous, joyful, charming hilarious and down to earth person he is, with the largesse of his spirit shining through.

His enthusiasm was really infectious as he eagerly began this Facebook Live video, inviting people to buy the art and also support Khalsa Aid International. It already has over 121K views – I’m thoroughly overwhelmed by all the love. Check out the video and please feel free to share!!

From the bottom of my heart, @Ravi Singh,  I am very very grateful for all your loving support .

Thank you  Mukhbir Singh (President of World Sikh Organisation) for coming out to support this event!

A special thank you to:

Hon Nathalie Des Rosiers, MPP (Ottawa—Vanier)

Love and gratitude for the photography and address from Peter Stockland, and Daniel Richardsen on behalf of Cardus.  A grand thank youto our host, Rasha Al-Tatta who was phenomenal in the smooth running of the events and her lovely words. LAst but not least, all this could not have been possible without the loving help of all the volunteers both from the Ottawa Sikh Heritage Committee , Ottawa Sangat and my family.

At one point the elevator broke – they carried all the paintings op 7 flights of stairs!!!

Your encouragement and love was pivotal in bringing this event together. The multifaith atmosphere and representation at Cardus was heartwarming, full of loving vibrations, encouraging and it was a delight to meet all that attended.

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words and support!!

With immense love, respect and gratitude, God Bless!!!


Some memories: