Unfolding Consciousness, as featured in the Kaur Project

My passion for creating art strengthened when I studied abroad at Oxford for my Masters and PhD. This was the time I delved into my own identity, where through my art I was able to define who I was – as a Kaur. Art was a way that provided me solace and strength to imagine my identity as myself, as a female artist.

I am a self-taught artist. Even though I have been an Educator all these years, I always found time to draw and paint.  After oils, I tried water colors and then portraits. This became my passion. When my children were young and at home there was not much time but I used any free time like my lunchtime to do some art. I started with portraits of the spiritual masters (Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh and Professor Puran Singh). I was in love with their teachings and guidance and felt close to them as I drew them. As my readings grew to include other such great souls – like Bauji Jaswant Singh, Friedrich Nietzche, Soren Kierkegaard, I continued to draw.

One time after attending a spiritual retreat I felt deeply moved by the intensity and the beauty of a picture of a hummingbird drawing nectar from a flower. As I immersed myself into it I just picked up a pen and started writing “Waheguru” – the mantra mentioned in all my art. This was because I felt His Divine Presence in the bird and the surroundings and this was the only way I could depict it on paper. I let my heart rule and let it take me wherever it wanted to. I later filled in the whole page with the mantra and it looked beautiful to me. As we release judgment, silence our mind, breathe deep into the process, and find bliss in each step; we realize that we are boundlessly assisted in our authentic and heart-centered expression. We step out of the way. We realize that the Art is not born of us, but through us, and in this understanding we are humbled, yet profoundly empowered.

I believe that it is our divine duty to create and share inspiration.  In the creative process I find stillness and rhythm, my teacher and passion. With intention, I aim to share and to celebrate this fantastic adventure; to inspire and be inspired. Each image takes me on a journey as I follow the brush strokes; each time I am lead back to my centre. My hope is that my paintings be a mirror, a reflection of your universal light, your human essence, and your timeless divinity.”