SEPT 15: Art and Meditation With Juss Kaur at the 3rd Global Conference on World Religions

Good news, everyone!

I am really thrilled to be participating in the 3rd Global Conference on World’s Religions this year, right here in Montreal. I will be presenting artwork from my Reflective Mantra Series, as well as holding sessions on art and meditation. It is such an important conference, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

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The Reflective Mantra Series paintings to be displayed can be previewed on Each painting contains the Sikh mantra “Vaheguru.” Vah means Infinite, hay means Thou, and Guru means the Higher Self, or the Divine Teacher within you. The process of carefully using hand written calligraphy to embed these words in the Gurmukhi script throughout each painting becomes a form of meditation which evokes a spiritual meditative experience for the viewer.

Everything in the universe is made up of matter which can be broken down into small particles (atoms, quarks..)

The invitation is to perceive all beings with this particular lens; God everywhere and in everything!

The art exhibition and the meditation sessions will give people the opportunity to ponder over the many inspirational messages of the fantastic speakers that are presenting messages of love and peace. The conference, founded in the aftermath of the tragedy on 9/11, is meant to provide a space where the various religions of the world may come together to show their mutual commitment to peace, virtue, and piety, and their unity in the face of hatred, terror, and injustice.

What an incredible, important and necessary cause!

This year’s theme is “From Faith to Interfaith”; about bridging differences between various religions, the believers and the non-believers.

How we can learn from one another, strengthen our ties to reach common goals of making the world a more peaceful place.

A place where we are are not governed by fear of the other.

This magnificent daylong event is held every five years at the Palais de Congres. There will be many exciting speakers, like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra, Karen Strong & Dr. Harvey Cox. This is, of course, just a taste of the many inspiring minds who will share their knowledge over the course of the conference.

Do come to support and take part in this deeply meaningful discussion. It is an event not to be missed !!!

I hope you will join me at the art exhibition in Rm. 512 C which will be open throughout the day.

The meditation session times are specified in the above poster.

Love. Peace. Joy.