World’s Religions 2016: Thoughts on a wonderful conference and exhibition

This was a phenomenal affair. I was blessed to meet some of the fantastic speakers. I met Karen Armstrong at the Speakers Dinner the evening before the Conference began. What a down to earth personality, she made me laugh as she laughed at her own interesting episodes in life as she struggled with early failures in life to finally find success in her first book at the age of 49 years. How inspiring! I shared with her the fact that two of her books were my favourite – I read them while I was at Oxford and I loved them (The Spiral Staircase and Through the Narrow Gate) where she talks about her journey, thoughts, emotions and feelings as she became a nun and then found the courage to leave and face the world.

I also got to meet Kevin Cox from the School of Divinity at Harvard. He has been an educator and a mentor for 50 years! What a grand personality. I was greatly surprised to see Deepak Chopra coming to visit the Art and Meditation room. Loved, loved meeting him too. He is so soft spoken and gentle as he explains the biggest secrets of the universe. My biggest revelation of his talk was “where do thoughts originate from” and that Universe equals consciousness.

I was also honored with the presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Ah! What a lovely aura he brought to the art and meditation room. During his speaking session he conducted a very lovely meditation from The Art Of Living Foundation. Powerfully peaceful.

While the Reflective Art Meditation was really appreciated by all those attended, one special person just reached out and made my day! It just takes just one to connect with you at that soul level and all seems worthwhile.

Thank you to all my friends, family for being there. The president of the Concordia Sikh Student’s Association (Amanjot Kaur) and President of the McGill Sikh Student’s Association (Navaldeep Kaur) were simply awesome. God Bless!

With Love and Gratitude